Win at Random on the Ghostbuster Slots

Posted on June 10, 2013

ghostbuster slotsThis is one slot that as well as having regular wins, bonus rounds and excitement galore, also has winning features that appear randomly and pay spirited wins. It is not surprising that as the Ghostbuster slots are based on the movie Ghostbusters that the excitement is fast and humorous, with ghostly and ghoulish embellishments continuously appearing to make enhance the overall enjoyment of the game and of course, boost your winnings.

The reels on the Ghostbuster Slots are filled with symbols representing either the heroes, ghosts or ghouls from the blockbuster movie and as well as video clips from the movie being played during different aspects of the game, Dan Akroyd is on the sound track to add his special kind of wit to the proceedings.

Bonus Rounds
With most slots, bonus rounds can usually be the starting point of great winnings and the Ghostbuster Slots too have some interesting and potentially high paying bonus rounds. The first of these rounds involves a ballroom that haunted by six ghosts and it is up to you, armed with a proton pack, to clear the ballroom of these ghouls. Doing the job in part will see you win but completely clearing the ballroom of these spirited characters will not only increase your self esteem greatly but also your winnings.

The second of the Ghostbuster Slots bonus rounds is completely different from the first and features free spins.

All kinds of ghostly characters are featured on the Ghostbuster Slots but the one that gets a place of special, is Stay-puffed, Marshmallow Man. He appears on this second bonus round and he along with some of his marshmallow friends become the wilds on the reels, offering 40 separate winning lines. Not only do they have a prominent position from the start of the round but they appear between each of the 8 free spins to increase their number, affording you more and more chances of not only receiving more wins but also receiving far bigger wins.

It is probably this ghostly appearance of extra features to help you win that have made the Ghostbuster Slots as popular as they have become.