Two Ghostly Wilds on Ghostbuster Slot

Posted on June 17, 2013

It is usual for a popular slot machine to have a wild symbol, which is a symbol that can be substituted for any other symbol on the reels, sometimes with the exception of the scatter symbol. This wild symbol makes it easier to attain wins and so the wins come more regularly but in a spirited gesture, the Ghostbuster slot has two wild symbols allowing the wins to come even more frequently.

The Ghostbuster Slot is themed after the popular movie and like the movie, displays by way of some excellent graphics, all forms of ghosts and ghouls that decorate the reels as the gaming symbols, two of which are of course are wilds. These outstanding graphics are accompanied by a superb soundtrack that even includes some comical quips from Dan Akroyd, one of the stars that acted in the movie.

Bonus Rounds
Although the Ghostbuster Slot has a comical theme, you had better take the comical situation of the bonus rounds, of which there are two, seriously if you want to get some big wins.

In the first of the bonus rounds on the Ghostbuster Slot you have to zap six ghosts that are hiding out in a ballroom. Although you will receive some winnings for zapping any of them, the serious winnings will come by zapping all six of them. As these ghouls are spirited characters and a bit slippery. The Ghostbuster Slot allows you five attempts to zap them all.

A giant marshmallow named Stay-puffed, features in the second of the Ghostbuster Slot bonus rounds. In this round you are allotted eight free spins to try and boost your winnings but Stay-Puffed along with a couple of his friends are there to assist you. Between the free spins marshmallows appear on the reels and they turn extra symbols on the reels into wilds that stay that way until the end of the round. With all the wilds on the reels by the last couple of spins, you certainly have more than a ghost of a chance to win big on the Ghostbuster Slot.