This Slot Provides a Scary Experience

Posted on March 18, 2015

ghostbuster slotsDo not get too concerned about being scared when you play this slot machine as, although its name may imply one thing, it is actually based on a comedy movie and so the only thing that may frighten you is the amount that you can win. When you play Ghostbuster slot, you will see that the ghosts are the same comical characters that appeared in the movie and so they are more weird than perhaps scary. Among the characters portrayed as symbols on the reels are the little old lady ghost and slimmer, both of which, on this slot, are wilds assisting you in winning.

Those aren’t the only two characters that help you win though as, in one of the bonus rounds, Stay-Puft, the giant marshmallow man also helps you to win and how he does that is by having his fiery marshmallow friends invade the reels after each of the 6 free spins you will be given, and turn regular symbols into wild ones, increasing the number of wilds on the reels for each spin. By the time that you get to the 6th and last free spin, the number of wilds on the reels could be scary, as could the amount of wins you could receive.

The only help that you get in the other bonus round is the fact that you will be allowed 5 attempts to try and complete your task. All those tries are needed though as the task you are set for the round is no easy one. Armed with your proton pack and plasma, you alone are to enter a haunted ballroom to try and evict 6 ghosts that are haunting it. These are slippery characters and as they obviously want to avoid being hit with your plasma, they do not make your task easy to complete in the allotted time, however, there is a good side to this scenario and that is that, during each of your attempts, every time you do hit one of the ghosts you will always receive a win and so the wins can add up nicely.

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