This Slot can be a Haunting Experience

Posted on August 25, 2014

ghostbustersOn this slot machine, one of the bonus rounds features a haunted ballroom. When you play Ghostbuster slot, it isn’t just in the haunted ballroom bonus round that you will meet some ghosts they are in every aspect of the game. This seemingly excess of ghosts is understandable though as this slot is themed on the 80’s Ghostbusters movie and as such, features all the characters from the movie, living and otherwise, as symbols on the reels. Following in the theme of the movie, this slot machine is not in the slightest bit scary but, like the movie, is somewhat comical as are most of the characters. In order to keep up the sense of humour that was excellently displayed in the movie, Dan Akroyd, one of the original movie’s cast, passes on some humorous one line remarks on the sound track.

The movie had its heroes and you have the chance to be the hero on this slot when you trigger the haunted ballroom bonus round. In this round it is you that has to rid the ballroom of the 6 ghosts inhabiting it. In the same tradition as the movie, you arm yourself with a proton pack containing a plasma that will make the ghosts leave the building. You are then given 5 attempts to evict them all but the reason for the 5 attempts is that this is not an easy task and many fail to evict all 6 ghosts, having to settle for wins for each of the ones that they did successfully evict.

A second bonus round on this slot is a free spin round that awards 8 free spins when triggered and in this same round, you get assistance from an unusual source. Once the free spin bonus round is triggered, Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man will appear with some of his fiery marshmallow friends and it is them that will assist you in getting wins in this round. Between each spin, the fiery marshmallows enter the reels and recruit regular symbols into becoming wild ones and thereby affording you more wins.

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