These Slots Feature Marshmallows and Ballrooms in Bonus Rounds

Posted on July 26, 2014

marshmallow manThese slot machines have two bonus rounds and as odd as it may seem, one of them features marshmallows and the other a ballroom. When you play Ghostbuster slots, you will see that they are themed on the spoof movie from the 1980s and so just about anything is possible. Not only the heroes but also many of the ghostly characters are symbols on the reels. These characters ghostly or otherwise, can come together to produce some excellent wins but never as well as they can during the bonus rounds where unique and perhaps even bizarre antics take place.

In the first bonus round which is triggered when you get bonus symbols on reels 2 and 3 at the same time as you get a Stay-Puft symbol on reel 4. This is Stay-Puft’s bonus round and so he has bought some of his fiery marshmallow friends along to see if they can be of any assistance to you during the round. They certainly are of assistance as, between each of the 8 free spins that you are awarded in this round they enter the reels and convert some of the regular symbols to wilds. With a blossoming amount of new wilds for each progressive spin of the reels, the chances of you getting some quite impressive wins also increases with each spin.

It is the second of the bonus rounds that features a ballroom, a haunted ballroom that is. The ballroom is said to be haunted by 6 unfriendly, ghost like, ghouls and in the true tradition of the movie, you have been charged with evicting them. This calls for you to put on your proton pack full of plasma and enter the ballroom to zap them. Although you will win a worthwhile win for every ghost you can zap, they are slippery characters and so your task is not easy, especially considering that you have a time limit with which to finish the job. There is however one additional factor that will help you in completing your task and that is that you are given 5 tries in order to succeed.

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