There is a Wild Old Lady on these Slots

Posted on September 04, 2014

marshmallow manAs these slots are themed from the popular 80’s movie, many of the characters from that movie appear as symbols on the reels. When you play Ghostbuster slots, you are assisted in getting some winning combinations by the little old lady symbol and the Slimer symbol being wilds and so they are able to replace other symbols, where necessary, to complete those winning combinations. The symbols on the reels is just one of the ways that the slot machines relate to the movie, another way is that on the sound track, Dan Akroyd, one of the actors from the movie, shares some of the humour which the movie is renowned for, by reciting some one line humour, keeping the playing of these slots amusing as well as exciting, an all-round entertainment package.

Apart from on the reels, some of the ghostly characters, good and bad, also appear in the two bonus rounds available to be played on these Slot machines. The first of these bonus rounds is a free spins round offering 8 free spins each time it is triggered. In this round, Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man will appear with some of his fiery marshmallow friends. Fortunately Stay-Puft and his friends are there to assist you and they do greatly. Before each of the 8 free spins starts to rotate, the fiery marshmallows insert themselves on the reels and convince some of the regular symbols to change into wilds for the period of the round. With the number of wild symbols increasing with each spin, your chances of winning grow accordingly.

A second bonus round features 6 ghosts haunting an old ballroom and it is you that has to evict them. Once again, in keeping with the theme of the movie, you are to use plasma packed into a proton pack to rid the ballroom of these intruders. Although in order to win most in this round, you need to evict all the ghosts and you will be allowed 5 attempts, you will receive a smaller win for each one you do succeed in evicting.

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