There are No Scares when You Play Ghostbuster Slot

Posted on April 04, 2013

It is thrills that you will get when playing this exciting 5 reel slot machine. This game is based on the 1980’s hit comedy Ghostbusters and so when you play Ghostbuster slot you have nothing to fear, except perhaps a good laugh. The reels on this slot are filled with characters from the movie, which at times come to life by way of clips from the movie complete with some of the humorous one liners on the accompanying soundtrack.

This thrilling, if somewhat unique feature keeps the smile on your face and the comical little ghouls featured certainly are not scary, so relax and enjoy being taken back in time with this pop culture classic.

Bonus Rounds
When you play Ghostbusters slot you will soon learn that there are two exciting bonus rounds. Both these rounds are attainable and continue to feature the ghostly antics of these comical ghouls.

In the first of these daring rounds, you find yourself entering a haunted ballroom but don’t worry, you have been armed with your magical plasma and you have 5 free spins in which to find the 6 hidden ghouls. Of course if you only find one you will be rewarded but finding all six in just the five spins, that is the challenge and if successful, your rewards will definitely be bountiful.

The second bonus round features Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. All 40 of the winning lines on this 5 reel slot can come into play during this round. Stay-Puft, not wanting to be kept out of the excitement can take part in each of the 8 spins in the bonus round. During this round the wins can come fast as furious with the help of Stay-Puft. He will appear randomly between spins and any symbol that he touches will become a wild and remain a wild for the rest of the round.

Obviously, like any other slot, when you play Ghostbusters slot, the more wilds you have the more wins you can attain and so with Stay-Puft going wild all over the place between spins, it could be your winnings that become scary.