The Old Lady is Wild on Ghostbuster Slot

Posted on July 24, 2013

ghostbusterThe old lady ghost symbol on this slot is a wild and is accompanied by another symbol that is wild, that of the ghostly character ‘slimer’. That is correct, on the Ghostbuster slot there are two wilds and that alone will tell you that this machine can definitely have plenty of winnings but add to that that there are 30 winning pay lines, then wins must abound.

Although the Ghostbuster Slot is based on the popular movie from the 80’s, it offers you far more than a ghost of a chance to win. The symbols on the reels depict either the ectoplasm carrying heroes or the ghostly characters they encounter, to this is added a ghostly setting, thanks to some really outstanding graphics. Don’t worry though; the atmosphere can’t get too intense as Dan Akroyd, one of the actors from the movie is there on the sound track, distracting you with some witty one liners’ to keep things fun.

Bonus Rounds
With 30 pay lines and two wilds, you shouldn’t really expect any more help in winning but with the Ghostbuster Slot, you can. This extra help in winning when playing Ghostbuster Slot comes in the form of two exciting and unusual bonus rounds.

The first of these bonus rounds on the Ghostbuster Slot features Stay-Puft, the giant Marshmallow man and his friends. In this round you receive 8 free spins and the number of winning lines is increased to 40. Between each of these free spins, marshmallows appear on the reels creating more wilds that stay in place until the end of the round. This means that the winnings you could receive by the end of this round, really could be scary.

In the second of the Ghostbuster Slot bonus rounds, you are confronted by a haunted ballroom. Hiding in the ballroom are six ghostly characters and you have a certain amount of time to find all six. These characters are spirited and slippery and so you may have trouble getting them all but the Ghostbuster Slot knows this and so allows you five attempts to complete this ghostly chore.