The Ghostly Happenings on Ghostbuster Slots

Posted on April 19, 2013

ghostbuster slotsIn a ghostly like mystery, random bonus features appear from nowhere and assist you to lift your credit figure. This is the mysterious events that occur whilst you play Ghostbuster slots. You could receive a 3 – 5 multiplier for no seen reason, your credits could jump by 50 or 1,000 in the blink of an eye, as if catching some kind of virus whole reels turn into wilds and one of the two Ghostbusters slot wilds, the Lady Ghost, can mysterious appear and make other symbols join her as wilds.

These bonuses are a mystery as to why or when they happen but two exciting bonus rounds on Ghostbusters slot are not random, they have to be earned. The first is the Ballroom Busters Bonus and during this round you are given five attempts to try and kill each of six ghosts in the ballroom. Getting any of the ghosts will afford you a win but obviously your rewards will be higher by getting all six.

The second of the earned bonus rounds involves Stay-Puft the Marshmallow man, he will appear between each of your 8 free spins and each time will make more and more wilds out of the symbols. This will of course mean that by the end of the round, your winning credits must certainly have had a severe boost.

Ghostbusters Slot
The Ghostbusters slot follows the theme of the 1980’s movie and on its reels has all the lovable characters from the blockbuster hit. Its comical aspect is repeated on to the game by Dan Akroyd randomly quipping his hilarious one liners.

Choosing the comedy of Ghostbusters for the theme for an exciting 5 reel 30 winning slot appears to have been a good choice, it has at least been a very popular one. Whether it is the relaxed, humorous yet exciting setting of Ghostbusters slot or the bonus rounds or even the mysterious and surprising extra bonus features, the producers of Ghostbusters slot certainly got something right, which can be attested to by the many slot enthusiasts who choose to play this slot above all others.