The Ghostbuster Slot has Ghostly Humour

Posted on January 22, 2015

ghostbuster slotsDan Akroyd, an actor from the movie on which this slot machine is based, can be heard on its soundtrack, ensuring the comical side of the movie is reinstated on to the slot machine. The Ghostbuster slot is certainly humorous with the weird but comical characters that appeared in the movie and on this slot, they appear both on the reels as symbols and also some of them appear in the bonus rounds. Despite its ghostly name, the movie and now this slot are certainly more about humour than horror and in fact, probably the only thing scary about the slot is the amount that you could win.

Although of course, as with any slot machine, you can win by matching several of the symbols after the reels have stopped spinning, probably the most exciting aspects of this slot are the bonus rounds, of which there are two. The first of the bonus rounds features Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man who brings along some of his friends. The round once triggered, allows 6 free spins to be taken but Stay-Puft’s friends are there to help and so between each of these free spins they enter the reels and proceed to change regular symbols into wilds. This means that although there are already 2 wild symbols on the reels in the form of the little old lady ghost and slimmer, after the first free spin there are even more, meaning that wins become increasingly easier with each of the 6 spins. In the second of the bonus rounds you are confronted with a haunted ballroom, a room which you have chosen to cleanse. In the room there are a total of 6 ghosts and your job is, armed with your proton pack, to banish them all. Evicting a ghost is no easy task and as this is a recognized fact, you will be permitted 5 attempts to successfully complete your mission. Although you may struggle to hit them all with your plasma, you can at least console yourself with the fact that every time you do hit even just one of the ghosts, you will receive a win.

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