On these Slots the Lady Ghost is Wild

There are two wild symbols on this slot, the little old lady ghost and slimmer. As well as two wild symbols, when you play Ghostbuster slots, there are also two bonus rounds and so the slot has a lot of potential to provide plenty of wins. The slots are based on the 80s comedy movie […]

Return to the 80s on these Slots

These slot machines will have you reminiscing about the 1980s as they are themed on the popular, hit comedy movie from that era. When you play Ghostbuster slots you will quickly recognize some of the characters from the movie as they appear as symbols on the reels. It isn’t just the good guys that appear […]

There is a Wild Old Lady on these Slots

As these slots are themed from the popular 80’s movie, many of the characters from that movie appear as symbols on the reels. When you play Ghostbuster slots, you are assisted in getting some winning combinations by the little old lady symbol and the Slimer symbol being wilds and so they are able to replace […]

These Slots Feature Marshmallows and Ballrooms in Bonus Rounds

These slot machines have two bonus rounds and as odd as it may seem, one of them features marshmallows and the other a ballroom. When you play Ghostbuster slots, you will see that they are themed on the spoof movie from the 1980s and so just about anything is possible. Not only the heroes but […]

Dan Akroyd Hosts these Slots

Dan Akroyd, one of the actors in the original Ghostbuster movie, features on the sound track of these slots and can be heard telling some of his great one-liners, maintaining a sense of comedy for which the movies were renowned. When you play Ghostbuster slots, which are themed on the movie, Dan is not the […]

Play Ghostbuster Slots for Excitement and Fun

All modern slot machines provide excitement but these also add a touch of humor and all round fun. When you play Ghostbuster slots it is a complete entertainment experience. The slots are themed after the box office movie hit of the 90s, Ghostbusters and just as in the movies, when you play Ghostbuster Slots there […]

Play Ghostbuster Slots and Clear House

On one of the bonus rounds on these slot machines, you will be asked to clear house, well almost. When you play Ghostbuster slots and reach one of the bonus rounds, you will be expected to clear some ghosts from a ballroom. This isn’t really a surprising task considering that the slot machines are based […]

Become a Ghostbuster when you Play Ghostbuster Slots

Ghostbusters was one of the top box office hit movies in 1980’s and now some of the exciting comedy that it brought to people in the 80’s has returned in the form of slot machines. When you play Ghostbusters slots you join these intrepid ghost hunters on their daring and industries duties of ridding ghosts […]

Looking for somewhere to play Ghostbuster slots?

Looking for somewhere to try out and play Ghostbuster slots? Well look no further as you’ve come to the right place. Think of this as the epicentre of all things Ghostbusters, from short tidbits about the slot machine and its bonus rounds, to the news that the fantastic Ghostbuster III sequel is finally underway thanks […]

Grab the Ectoplasm and Play Ghostbuster Slots

In an exciting Ballroom Busters Bonus round, armed with your proton pack, you have to enter a haunted ballroom and eliminate all six of the ghosts. When you play Ghostbuster slots, this is just one of the many bonus features available and in this one, you will of course be rewarded for any of the […]