Scary Wins on these Slots

These slots, despite their name, were themed on a comedy movie not a horror and so the only scare that you may get; is at how much you win when you play. The Ghostbuster slots follow the plot of the famous, hit comedy movie from the 80s and so contain a lot of humour but […]

Dan Akroyd Provides Commentary on these Slots

The comedy actor Dan Akroyd provides a commentary as you play these slots which keep the humour going. The Ghostbuster slots are themed on the comedy movie from the 80s which became almost a folk legend. Although the movie had a title that promised horror, it was a comedy with some really weird characters and […]

Enjoy Fiery Marshmallows on these Slots

Although you don’t get to eat any on these slot machines, you will still be pleased to see some fiery marshmallows. On the Ghostbuster slots there are 2 bonus rounds and in one of these rounds, Stay Puft, the giant marshmallow man brings along some of his fiery marshmallow friends to help you. As this […]

You can Zap Ghouls on these Slots

In one of the bonus rounds on these slot machines, you get the opportunity to try and zap some ghoulish ghostly characters that are haunting a ballroom. The Ghostbuster slots are themed on the popular movie from the 80s and so just like the movie, these slots have a humorous side as well as being […]

Marshmallows Feature on these Slot Machines

In one of the bonus rounds on these slot machines, you will be introduced to some interesting marshmallow characters. As the Ghostbuster slots are based on the 1980s spoof movie, marshmallows are not the only weird characters that you will meet whilst playing them, all the heroes are featured as symbols on the reels, as […]

Have a Laugh as you Play these Slots

Although slots are usually a serious business as you could either win or lose money, these slots have a comical side. Based on the funny movies, the Ghostbuster slots continue with the hilarious theme, even going as far as having Dan Akroyd, one of the original cast, telling jokes on the sound track. The characters, […]

Ghostbuster Slots Aren’t Scary

Although these slot machines feature several ghostly characters, as they are based on the 90s movie Ghostbusters, they are more humorous than scary. The blockbuster movie from the 90s was popular as is showed the antics of a group of would be heroes as they attempted to rid a town of all its haunting and […]

Get Help from Fiery Marshmallows on Ghostbuster Slots

Stay-Puft is a giant Marshmallow man and he brings some of his fiery marshmallow friends to assist you on one of the bonus rounds on these slots. The Ghostbuster slots have two exciting bonus rounds and both can be very generous on paying out wins, especially with the help of Stay-Puft’s friends on one of […]

Dan Akroyd Joins You on Ghostbuster Slots

Dan Akroyd is a popular comedy actor who played one of the leading roles in the Ghostbusters movies in the 1980s and now he joins you on the soundtrack as you play these exciting slot machines, adding his own personal slice of comedy to ensure that your experience of the game is as enjoyable as […]

Get in the Spirit of Ghostbuster Slots

This is one game that certainly contains some spirits. The Ghostbuster slots are based on the movie Ghostbusters and so features some spirits in the forms of ghosts or ghouls and in order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to this the reels are filled with characters from the movie. ‘Slimer’ and the ‘old lady ghost’ […]