Spirited Characters on Ghostbuster Slots

Posted on July 08, 2013

ghostbustersOften on modern slot machines, the symbols on the reels are characters that depict the theme of the slot, replacing the more common playing cards. That is why, with the Ghostbuster slot, there are some pretty spirited characters appearing on the reels.

The Ghostbuster slots are themed on the 80’s smash hit movie Ghostbusters and it isn’t just the heroes that are depicted on the reels, it is also some of the ghostly ghouls that they were hunting, like ‘slimer’ and the ‘old lady ghost’, these two in fact are actually the wilds on the Ghostbuster slots.

These characters along with some excellent graphics, give a kind of haunted atmosphere whilst playing the game but to stop things getting too scary, Dan Akroyd, one of the actors from the movie, lightens up the mood with some witty remarks on the sound track. All this time of course, clips from the movie are being shown to keep the setting exciting and unusual.

The Ghostbuster slots themselves are 5 reel slot machines with an amazing 30 winning lines. The reels spin as usual to stop on winning combinations but what is scary is that there are two wilds on the reels, not just one.

Having two wilds obviously boosts your chances of winning and considering the 30 winning lines, then the wins must come fast and furious in regular play but some even better news is that there are also two bonus rounds available.

Bonus Rounds
In the first of these Ghostbuster slots bonus rounds you have to clear out six ghosts that are haunting a ballroom. You will be awarded multipliers of between X2 and X5 for each ghost you are able to clear and because this ballroom really needs to be made ghost free, the Ghostbuster slots allow you five attempts to clear it.

In the second of the Ghostbuster slots bonus rounds, you will be given 8 free spins. Before the round starts though, check out the winning possibilities and you will notice that there are now 40 winning lines available. This round may at first appear a little dull but there is one more ghostly character around to sharpen things up; Stay-Puft. Stay-Puft is a giant marshmallow man and between each of the free spins on this Ghostbuster slots bonus round, he sends some of his marshmallow friends onto the reels to change some of the symbols to extra wilds, wildly increasing your winning potential.