Slimer and the Little Old Lady Ghost Give Help

Posted on July 11, 2014

ghostbuster slotsOn this slot machine which is based on the 1980s movie, the characters of Slimer and the little old lady ghost help by being wilds on the reels. When you play Ghostbuster slot, many of the characters both hero or ghoul, are all on the reels as symbols and even one of the actors, Dan Akroyd, is on the soundtrack giving humorous advice to the players. Although the slot machine, like the movie, is comical and fun, there is nothing funny about the wins that can be very serious even though attained in a fun way.

As with any slot machine, the action is filled with suspense and excitement which on this machine come to a head during the two unique bonus rounds. In the first, you will meet Stay-Puft a giant marshmallow man who has brought along some fiery marshmallows that are his friends. They have shown up on this bonus round to assist you in winning and they certainly do that. The round itself consists of 8 free spins but as Stay-Puft and his friends believe that you deserve to win more than what 8 regular spins could bring you, between each of the spins they enter the reels and change some of the previously regular symbols, into wilds and with the number of wilds thereby increasing with every spin, the potential for you to get some very serious wins, increases also.

In the second of the bonus rounds you are hired to evict some ghostly characters from a haunted building. This is a task in true keeping with the heroes from the movie and so you have to put on a plasma pack, suck up your courage and enter the haunted ballroom. In this round you will earn a win for every time you are able to successfully evict one of the 6 ghouls haunting the building but as these are slippery characters, your task is not easy. Don’t despair though, as everybody knows that it is no easy task dealing with ghosts, you are permitted 5 attempts to succeed.

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