Reminisce with Ghostbusters Slot

Posted on May 03, 2013

ghostbustersThis game will certainly take you back to the 80s with all the excitement and thrills that they provided. The Ghostbuster slot is themed on that immensely popular movie of the 80s, Ghostbusters.

On the reels of Ghostbuster slot, apart from the heroes of the movie, there are ghoulish ghosts up to mischief and mayhem. As well as seeing the characters from the movie on the reels, the atmosphere is brought even closer to town by the playing of clips from the movie, which appear in videos as you are playing the game.

In Ghostbusters slot, one of the ghoulish characters that play a big part is Stay-Puft the Marshmallow Man. In one of the bonus rounds Stay-Puft and a fellow marshmallow, ablaze in flame, are wilds and they increase the number of wilds for these 8 free spins, by dropping on other symbols, also making them wilds. With all the different wilds in play by the start of the 8th spin, you have far more than a ghost’s chance of winning big.

The second of the bonus rounds on Ghostbusters slot is set in a haunted ballroom. Hiding in this ballroom are five ghostly characters. Armed with your proton pack, you are to find and destroy all five ghosts, receiving winnings for each one you find but to get the big win you need to find all five. The bonus round though, allows you four chances to succeed and so once again you have a fairly good chance of hitting the big one.

The nature of the theme and the unusual bonus rounds both give Ghostbusters slot a feeling of fun, which is further enhanced by Dan Akroyd, who keeps popping up on the video clips to share his hilarious one liners that helped to make the movie so popular in the 80s.

Because of the popularity of the movie in the 80s, it comes as no surprise that the Ghostbusters slot is so popular but in fairness to the Ghostbusters slot, the movie probably cannot gain all the credit as the apparent ease and exciting way that wins are available on Ghostbusters slot must account for a lot of its popularity.