Relive the 80s with Ghostbuster slot

Posted on May 24, 2013

ghostbustersOne of the things that the 1980’s will be remembered for is the introduction to the world of the Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters were a group of comical characters who made a living by eradicating a city from some equally comical ghouls. There exciting, if humorous antics were brought to the public via the magical silver screens of Hollywood and were so enjoyed that the movie became an instant hit. Some of that drama, humor and excitement has now been replicated, this time in the form of the Ghostbuster slot.

The Ghostbuster slots, based on the movie, have its reels full of its comical ghouls and their ‘would be’ eradicators along with a screen showing video clips from the movie. A supporting soundtrack bolsters the humorous side with one line gems from Dan Akroyd, one of the original cast of the slap stick exterminators.

Ghostbuster Slots
The Ghostbuster slots are enjoyable and exciting games offering reasonable wins on regular play but also allowing some really good wins via a couple of bonus rounds. The first of these bonus rounds finds you in a ballroom that is haunted by half a dozen ghosts. Armed with one of the Ghostbusters proton packs, you are to try and eradicate all six of these comical, slippery, Ghostly pests. You can boost your winnings by skillfully getting any of these ghouls, but it is by eradicating all of them that you will get the big prize. During this round, the Ghostbuster slots allow you five tries in which to try and accomplish this spirited task.

One of the popular ghouls from the movie was Stay-Puft, the giant marshmallow man and he too appears on the Ghostbuster slots. On the second of the bonus rounds you are awarded 8 free spins., Stay-Puft however, thinks that you should have an even better chance to win big and so and some of his friends will appear on the reels between these free spins and make any of the symbols they touch, into extra wilds. This increases, not only your chances of winning on Ghostbuster slots but also increases your chances of catching some of the bigger wins.