Play Ghostbuster Slots for Excitement and Fun

Posted on December 18, 2013

ghostbustersAll modern slot machines provide excitement but these also add a touch of humor and all round fun. When you play Ghostbuster slots it is a complete entertainment experience. The slots are themed after the box office movie hit of the 90s, Ghostbusters and just as in the movies, when you play Ghostbuster Slots there are laughs as well as suspense and thrills. The laughs are provided by Dan Akroyd, an actor from the movie who joins you via the soundtrack, to share with you some humorous asides. Also clips are shown from the movie, plus some excellent graphics bring you some of the ghoulish characters.

When you play Ghostbuster Slots, you will see that the symbols on the reels are either heroes from the movie or the ghostly other characters and they can come together provide you with some substantial wins. There are also two very interesting bonus rounds available. When you play Ghostbuster Slots, the first of the bonus rounds takes you to a haunted ballroom. There are six ghosts in the ballroom and it is up to you to clear them all out. You will receive wins for any that you are able to banish but getting all of them is not so easy and so when you play Ghosbuster Slots, you are permitted five attempts to clear them all.

The second of the bonus rounds when you play Ghostbuster Slots, features some fiery marshmallows who are friends of Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man. The friendly marshmallows are there to try and help you. This second bonus round when you play Ghostbuster Slots consists of 15 free spins but between each of the spins, the marshmallows go onto the reels and change some of the regular symbols into wilds. This means that when you play this round, the wins keep becoming increasingly easier to get, pushing your winnings higher.

Apart from the bonus rounds, when you play Ghostbuster Slots, there is an additional feature and this feature involves Slimer, a somewhat unique character. At any time that the game is in play, Slimer can appear and give you a boost. He does this by randomly awarding you with additional free spins or extra wilds.

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