Play Ghostbuster Slots and Clear House

Posted on October 19, 2013

SkyvegasOn one of the bonus rounds on these slot machines, you will be asked to clear house, well almost. When you play Ghostbuster slots and reach one of the bonus rounds, you will be expected to clear some ghosts from a ballroom. This isn’t really a surprising task considering that the slot machines are based on the hit movie Ghostbusters where the heroes were expected to clear a lot of buildings of some very weird, ghostly and ghoulish characters. Some of those ghoulish characters as well as the heroes from the movie are represented as symbols on the reels of the slot and others appear in the bonus rounds.

Just like the movie, there is a humorous side to the game and in both cases Dan Akroyd is there to provide it. In the movie Dan Akroyd starred as one of the heroes and on the slot machine he features on the sound track urging you along with some witty asides.

As we said, some of these ghoulish characters from the movie appear on the reels of the slot, like slimmer and others but when you play Ghostbusters slots and reach the bonus rounds, you meet some more. The first bonus round features the haunted ballroom mentioned above. In this ballroom there are six ghostly characters scaring the dancers and so you are asked to clear these ghoulish fiends from the room. Being ghostly ghouls they won’t leave easily and so you are allowed five attempts to successfully complete the task. You may not be able to succeed in this task but you can console yourself knowing that even banishing one, will get you a win, plus every one after that.

Play Ghostbusters slots and you find that in the second bonus round you are afforded some help. The help comes in the form of a giant marshmallow man and some of his fiery friends. In this round you are given 8 free spins but between each spin these fiery marshmallows go to the reels and change some of the regular symbols to wilds, hopefully ensuring that you have a profitable experience.

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