Play Ghostbuster Slot with Slimer

Posted on December 03, 2013

ghostbusters moneygamingSlimer is one of the ghostly characters on this fun slot machine. When you play Ghostbuster slot, Slimer and a creepy old lady can come along and give you a helping hand with free spins, multipliers or even straight wins.

That is just a couple of the ghosts that you meet when you play Ghostbuster Slot, there are many more. These ghoulish characters along with the heroes from the movie Ghostbusters, are on the reels of the machine as symbols. To assist you in getting in the mood of the movie, whilst you play video clips from the movie are shown and Dan Akroyd, one of the actors from the movie, passes on some witty comments via the soundtrack.

Bonus Rounds
Just like any other slot machine, it is not just to do with entertainment but also winning and so when you play Ghostbuster Slot there are two bonus rounds available to help you win.
In the first of the bonus rounds when you play Ghostbuster Slot, you are required to rid a haunted ball room of six menacing ghosts. This is no easy task and so you are awarded a win for any that you can get rid of and you are permitted five tries to get rid of all of them.

In the second of the bonus rounds when you play Ghostbuster Slot, you are introduced to a giant marshmallow man who has brought some friends along to help you win. The round consists of eight free spins but the giant marshmallows friends, fiery marshmallows, go onto the reels of the slot between each spin and change some of the symbols on them, into wild symbols which mean that the wins come easier with every successive spin, giving you more than a ghost of a chance of winning big.

Fun and Entertainment
This slot machine has become very popular as when you play Ghostbuster Slot, it is a complete entertainment. There is comedy, suspense and excitement all wrapped up into one slot machine and perhaps best of all; the wins are abundant.

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