Play Ghostbuster Slot with Burning Marshmallows

Posted on May 17, 2013

marshmallow manThe 1980’s hit movie “Ghostbusters” had as one of the ghouls a giant marshmallow called Stay-Puft. When a slot was made based on the movie, Stay-Puft was included as one of the characters. So now when you play Ghostbuster Slot, you get to meet him and some of his friends, who are marshmallows on fire. As you probably know Ghostbusters was a comedy about a comical team of supposed Ghostbusters who went around clearing the city of some equally humorous ghosts and ghouls.

Anyway, when you play Ghostbuster slot, Stay-Puft and his friends show up on one of the bonus rounds. The bonus round consists of 8 free spins but to assist you in winning more, Stay-Puft’s buddies show up on the reels between spins and change some symbols into extra wilds.

Ballroom Buster Bonus
You get to meet some other ghouls in another bonus round. When you play Ghostbuster Slot there are two bonus rounds and in this second one, you find yourself in a ballroom that is haunted by six ghosts. You are required to try and blast all six of them and you are allowed five tries in which to do it. In this round any ghost that you zap will count as a win and you will receive credits accordingly, obviously the more you zap the more you win and if you manage to get all six then the winnings could be really great.

Ghostbuster Slot
When you play Ghostbuster Slot there is a little humor to go along with the excitement of this 5 reel slot. The sound track accompanying the game is infused with funny comments from Dan Akroyd, one of the actors from the original movie, and video clips from some parts of the movie play whilst you are spinning the reels.

Neither the video clips nor the sound track distract you from the thrill of the game but they help you get in the mood of the theme, which in itself, although humorous, is also exciting, thrilling and suspenseful.
In the end, when you play Ghostbuster Slot, you have the excitement of the game, the suspense of the bonus rounds and hopefully some great winnings, all whilst having some fun fooling with ghosts and burning marshmallows.