Play Ghostbuster Slot for a Haunting Experience

Posted on February 16, 2014

ghostbusters moneygamingAs there are ghosts and ghouls appearing all over this slot machine, it is as if the whole machine is haunted but actually it is only because of its theme. When you play Ghostbuster slot you will soon recognize characters on the reels from the popular 90’s movie Ghostbusters and realize that the whole machine is themed around it. The symbols on the reels are of both the ghoulish characters and the heroes of the movie and in at least one of the bonus rounds, you are to play the role of one of these heroes and do battle against some of the ghostly characters.

Bonus Rounds
In the first of these ghostly bonus round s, you will find yourself armed with a proton pack, being asked to clear a ballroom of six ghostly characters. The object of the round is to try and completely clear the room of ghosts but you will receive a win for each ghost that you successfully zap. These ghosts though, are slippery characters and not so easily zapped, so you will be permitted five separate attempts to complete the full task.

The second bonus round features an unusual character named Stay-Puft. Stay-Puft is a giant marshmallow man and he is featured in this bonus round with some of his fiery marshmallow friends. The round itself consists of 8 fee spins but the marshmallows are there to try and assist you in making the most of these spins. Before each spin begins, the marshmallows will access the reel s and change some of the regular symbols into wilds. As any symbol that they are able to change, stays changed until the end of the round, the number of wilds on the reels, increases with every spin. As wilds can replace any of the other symbols and they are also able to be stacked, the wins whilst you play these 8 free spins, have the potential to appear far more regularly than they perhaps otherwise would, allowing your wins to build into something quite substantial by the end of the round.

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