Play Ghostbuster Slot and add Humor to the Game

Posted on September 19, 2013

ghostbusters moneygamingOften the playing of a slot machine is partaken in a serious manner but it is refreshing to sometimes have a little touch of humor added to the drama and suspense to really make the experience a fully enjoyable one. When you play Ghostbuster slot that humor is there and does ensure an enjoyable experience. The comedy is provided on the soundtrack by none other than the famous comedian Dan Akroyd. This very talented comedy actor that starred in the movie Ghostbusters, can often been heard on the soundtrack making witty comments and keeping a jovial atmosphere around the game.

The Ghostbuster Slot is based on the movie Ghostbusters and so it is not surprising that when you play Ghostbuster Slot, there are a few ghosts and ghouls about. They appear as symbols on the reels along with the hero characters from the movie and of course make appearances in the video clips from the movie that are shown whilst the game is in play. Some of them are also present in the bonus rounds available when you play Ghostbuster Slot.

Bonus Rounds
There is a serious side though and that is winning and so even though they are in a light vein, there are two bonus rounds that can bring some serious wins.

In the first of the bonus rounds, you are placed in a haunted ballroom where there are known to be six ghosts. Your job is to eliminate all six of the ghosts however you will receive wins for any one that you do eliminate. Being able to try and get six ghosts in one go certainly isn’t a joke and so you are allowed five attempts to fulfill the task.

When you reach the second round, fiery marshmallows help you. In this bonus round you are awarded 8 free spins but between each of the spins fiery marshmallows appear on the reels to change regular symbols into wilds, continuously increasing your winning possibilities.

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