On these Slots the Lady Ghost is Wild

Posted on April 17, 2015

marshmallow manThere are two wild symbols on this slot, the little old lady ghost and slimmer. As well as two wild symbols, when you play Ghostbuster slots, there are also two bonus rounds and so the slot has a lot of potential to provide plenty of wins.

The slots are based on the 80s comedy movie that was a box office hit for Hollywood and one of the actors from the movie, Dan Akroyd, provides a witty commentary whilst you play. Other characters from the movie are also present either as symbols on the reels or in one of the bonus rounds providing the same weird humour as they did in the movie.

One of the bonus rounds is the Stay-Puft round and in this one you meet some of Stay-Puft’s friends, fiery marshmallows. The round consists of 8 free spins and between each spin the fiery marshmallows invade the reels to make wilds out of some of the regular symbols, adding to the number of symbols on the reels. The other bonus round is the haunted ballroom round and you are taken to a ballroom which is haunted by 6 ghostly characters. In order to win in this bonus round you must evict the ghosts from the ballroom and you will get a win for each of the ghosts you manage to evict. These ghosts are slippery characters and so they are not so easy to evict with the plasma from your proton pack. The ghosts need to be evicted though and so you will be permitted 5 attempts to fully complete the task.

These slot machines are popular with both the slot enthusiasts and the fans of the Ghostbuster movie as well but it is perhaps the vast amount of wins you can earn from all the wild symbols that are on the reels by the end of the Stay-Puft bonus round or from successfully evicting all the ghosts from the ballroom, perhaps even because there are two wild symbols even on the regular spins. It could though be that the wins and the humour make for a fully entertaining experience.

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