Marshmallows Feature on these Slot Machines

Posted on June 26, 2014

marshmallow manIn one of the bonus rounds on these slot machines, you will be introduced to some interesting marshmallow characters. As the Ghostbuster slots are based on the 1980s spoof movie, marshmallows are not the only weird characters that you will meet whilst playing them, all the heroes are featured as symbols on the reels, as are many of the ghoulish and ghostly characters from the movie. To keep still further in line with the movie, Dan Akroyd, one of the actors from the movie is on the soundtrack imparting some of his one line humour. Although, like the moxie, the slots are a lot of fun, they can still be exciting and have the potential to deliver some serious wins.

These slots have two bonus rounds which are both unique and potentially high paying. In the first of the bonus rounds you meet the marshmallow characters, namely Stay-Puft and his fiery marshmallow friends. They are there to assist you in winning in this round. The round awards you 8 free spins but it is between these spins that the marshmallows help. Between each of the 8 free spins, the fiery marshmallows will infiltrate the reels and turn regular symbols into wilds, meaning that with every spin of the 8 free spins, your chances of getting wins grows and grows.

The second of the bonus rounds requires you to don a plasma pack as you’ve been hired to clear a haunted building. The building that is haunted is a ballroom and there are said to be 6 ghoulish, ghostly characters haunting it. Armed with your plasma pack, you are to evict all 6 of the ghosts which is no easy task as they are slippery characters. Anyway you will receive a win for each eviction but as this is recognized as being a particularly difficult task, you will be allowed 5 attempts to finish the job.

Another two of the ghoulish characters that are worthy of a note are Slimer and the little old lady ghost. These are worth a mention because it is their symbols which are wilds on these slots.

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