Looking for somewhere to play Ghostbuster slots?

Posted on May 03, 2013

ghostbusters moneygamingLooking for somewhere to try out and play Ghostbuster slots? Well look no further as you’ve come to the right place. Think of this as the epicentre of all things Ghostbusters, from short tidbits about the slot machine and its bonus rounds, to the news that the fantastic Ghostbuster III sequel is finally underway thanks to Sony and Etan Cohen getting involved with the script.

We have picked five of our favourite partners for you to choose from listed at the top of the page, each with their own unique welcome bonuses and don’t worry, we’ve personally checked them all out and can vouch for them. We even change the partners every so often when we find one that offers a better bonus for you or pays out a bit faster when you win.

Perhaps the most important part about the site is that we are true fans of the Ghostbusters franchise, from their video games to their films, the actors’ lives to their slot machines … we are huge supporters of the team.

Nevertheless, we’re here to talk about the slot and we’re sure that there are some of you out there who may not have had a chance to play Ghostbuster slots already, so that’s why we’re here to tell you why you should. Aside from that fact that we have some really great partners, the slot machine itself is phenomenal! Check out just a few of the points below that should help you see why:

• Enjoy cheeky one-liners from Dan Aykroyd and the team in film-flashbacks

• There are several different bonuses to get your hands on from multipliers to free spins

• See all your favourite characters back in actions from the Ghostbusters to Slimer and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

• Cash awards pay up to 1000x your coin value

• Wild reels – between 1 and 3 reels are turned wild and when they do … expect some huge payouts!

Sold yet? We’d hoped as much – so remember to check out our partners above and take the chance to win big as you Play Ghostbuster Slots today.

Be sure to let us know how it went as we’re always interested to find out whether you had a good time or not, and whether one of our partners hasn’t met the cut (although thankfully this has never happened to date). Until next time … good luck and you know where to find us if you are after any new Ghostbusters info.