Load your Plasma Gun and Play this Slot

Posted on June 11, 2014

ghostbustersIn one of the bonus rounds on this slot machine, armed with your plasma gun you are going to have to clear a haunted building. The Ghostbuster slot is based on the popular movie from the 1980s that featured reluctant heroes, armed with plasma backpacks, clearing a city of all its ghostly and ghoulish figures. The heroes, along with many of the ghostly characters appear as symbols on reels and Dan Akroyd, one of the reluctant heroes, can be heard sharing his wit on the soundtrack. Although all these symbols can come together to make some quite handsome wins, most players prefer to trigger the bonus rounds and get their wins from there.

There are two bonus rounds on this slot and the first of them features Stay-Puft, a giant marshmallow man. He is in the bonus round to try and help you win and so he brought along some of his fiery marshmallow friends. The round awards you 8 free spins that are played on all 40 of the pay lines, between each spin though; Stay-Puft’s friends may enter the reels and convince some of the regular symbols to change into wilds. This means that as you progress through the 8 free spins, the wins should be easier and easier to find.

It is in the second of the bonus rounds that you will need your proton pack or at least a proton gun as in this round, you are one of the Ghostbusters. For this second bonus round you have been hired as a Ghostbuster and been given the task of clearing six ghostly characters from a haunted ballroom. Although you have been tasked with clearing all 6 ghosts out, you will receive a win for each character that you successfully evict but this is no easy task as they are slippery customers however, as it is well known that they are slippery characters, you are permitted 5 attempts to try and fulfil your task.

Although this slot may seem all fun and entertainment, it can still produce some serious wins.

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