Have a Laugh as you Play these Slots

Posted on April 27, 2014

SkyvegasAlthough slots are usually a serious business as you could either win or lose money, these slots have a comical side. Based on the funny movies, the Ghostbuster slots continue with the hilarious theme, even going as far as having Dan Akroyd, one of the original cast, telling jokes on the sound track. The characters, whom you will probably recognize are also quite comical in their appearance but don’t be fooled into thinking that these slots are all about fun as, although they are a fun game, the wins can still be very serious.

Apart from the regular game which on its own has plenty of winning opportunities, these slots have several special features, two bonus rounds and two wild symbols, adding up to a lot of winning potentials. The two wild symbols are slimmer and the little old lady ghost and they can replace almost any other symbols on the reels to help you win. The special features randomly appear after any spin and can be multipliers, extra wilds, reels being turned into wilds or just old fashioned cash awards.

The bonus rounds comply with the theme whilst still providing fun, excitement and some excellent winning opportunities. The first of these rounds features Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man and to assist him in helping you get some worthwhile wins, he has brought along some of fiery marshmallow friends. At the start of the round you will be awarded 8 free spins in which to try and win. After each of these spins though, the fiery marshmallows appear on the reels and turn some of the symbols into wilds. This means that as the round progresses, your chances of winning increases.

In the second of the bonus rounds, you will need your proton gun. In this round you are shown a ballroom that is being haunted by six ghostly characters and it is your job to get rid of them. Although you will receive a win for any ghouls you vacate, you really need to clear them all and so, in this round, you are allowed 5 attempts.

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