Ghoulish Humor with the Ghostbuster Slots

Posted on May 08, 2013

ghostbustersOne of the all time great movies of the 1980s was Ghostbusters. The movie portrayed some comical Ghost hunters in pursuit of some equally comical ghosts and ghouls. This lighthearted look at the paranormal became an instant hit and achieved popularity rarely equaled by humor from Hollywood. This popularity has now been brought to the world of slot machines by the Ghostbuster slots. Themed on the movie with the 5 reels packed with characters from the movie, the theme is really set by video clips from the movie and occasional one line humor from Dan Akroyd.

Ghostbuster Slot
Although the Ghostbuster slot may have an unusual humorous theme, the game itself is played along regular lines and the wins can too be of a very serious nature. This is a 5 reel slot that usually has 30 pay lines, 40 during one of the bonus rounds, two bonus rounds and a potential to pay out big.

Bonus Rounds
One of the bonus rounds on Ghostbuster slot features a haunted Ballroom. In this haunted Ballroom are 6 ghoulish characters and armed only with a proton pack capable of five shots, you are to destroy as many of the ghouls as possible. For every ghoul you successfully zap you will receive multipliers of between 2 and 5 times regular wins and so aim well and receive some really great rewards.

The second of the bonus rounds offered by the Ghostbuster slot is achieved by getting Stay-Puft the Marshmallow Man symbol on the forth reel of the slots, along with other bonus symbols on the 2nd and 3rd reels. In this round you have eight free spins with the flaming marshmallows featuring as wilds. Between spins though, other marshmallows will appear and transform other symbols into wilds for the remainder of the round. This means that although you start the round with a good chance of getting wins, you finish the round with a great chance of getting a win, perhaps a great win.

So when you play the Ghostbuster slot, you can have a humorous experience with a serious win.