Ghoulish Help on Ghostbuster Slots

Posted on July 01, 2013

ghostbuster slotsWhen you play any slot machine you are always ready to receive any help you can in getting wins or higher paying wins and this help can come in the forms of free spins, multipliers, wild symbols or bonus rounds. During one of the bonus rounds on the Ghostbuster slots, it is ghoulish marshmallows that show up to disperse this help to you.

The Ghostbuster Slots have two bonus rounds and in one of them, which consists of eight free spins, Stay-Puft, a giant marshmallow man and some of his ghoulish marshmallow friends show up on the reels of the slot between spins in order to change extra symbols into wilds, far increasing your chances of winning or winning bigger with every spin as all changes stay in place until the end of the round.

Ballroom Bonus
In the Stay-Puft bonus round of Ghostbuster Slots, you wanted to see as many ghouls as possible as it was these ghoulish marshmallows that gave you extra wilds but on the haunted ballroom bonus, you hope that by the end of the round there are no ghouls.

In the haunted ballroom bonus, you are placed in a ballroom where there are six ghosts or ghouls. It is your job to rid the ballroom of these spirited characters and although you receive wins for any of the ghouls you get rid of, the really big win only comes by ridding the room of all six. As these ghostly characters can be rather tricky, the producers of the Ghostbuster Slots appreciated that your task would not be that easy and so allows you five attempts to complete this task fully, meaning that you have far more than a ghost of a chance to win big by the end of the round.

Ghostbuster Slots
The Ghostbuster Slots are based on the popular Ghostbusters movie from the 1980’s and so contains all kinds of ghostly characters on the reels and along with video clips from the movie on display, the soundtrack also contains dialogue from some of the actual actors from the movie.

As the Ghostbusters movie was a comical look at the world of ghosts, so the Ghostbuster Slots also have a touch of humor and Dan Akroyd, one of the actors from the movie, telling ghoulish jokes on the soundtrack of the slots, links the movie and the slots nicely.