Ghostbuster Slots Aren’t Scary

Posted on January 02, 2014

ghostbustersAlthough these slot machines feature several ghostly characters, as they are based on the 90s movie Ghostbusters, they are more humorous than scary. The blockbuster movie from the 90s was popular as is showed the antics of a group of would be heroes as they attempted to rid a town of all its haunting and it is this same popular theme that the Ghostbuster slots are based.

As the Ghostbuster slots are based on the movie, many of the characters, both good and bad, are featured as symbols on the reels. Also to assist in setting the mood for the game, clips from the movie are shown whilst the game is in play. Dan Akroyd played one of the heroic characters in the movie and he is featured on the sound track, orating some of his one liners for which he is famous.

Bonus Rounds
There are two bonus rounds on the Ghostbuster slots and both of them, as well as have good potential to allow you to win, also feature some ghoulish characters. In the first of these bonus rounds you are shown to a ballroom and told that the room contains six ghosts that are haunting it. You are requested to rid the ballroom of all the ghosts and although the Ghostbuster slots want you to clear all the ghosts, they will pay you for any that you do manage to clear. Ghostbuster slots realize that this is no easy task and so they allow you five attempts to succeed.

In the second of the bonus rounds, Stay-Puft, a giant marshmallow man features. The round itself contains eight free spins but between spins, fiery marshmallow, friends of Stay-Puft, go onto the reels and change some of the regular symbols into wilds, making it increasingly easy to attain wins.

When the movie was first released in the 90s, it attained something of a cult following and although that hasn’t as yet with the Ghostbuster slots, they have already attained and maintained, great popularity showing that excitement linked to a little fun and humor, isn’t a bad thing.

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