Ghostbuster Slot is Exciting and Fun

Posted on November 03, 2013

Virgin GamesAs anybody who watched the popular 1980s movie Ghostbusters will tell you, it is all about fun. Although a potentially scary theme was taken, the producers of the Ghostbuster movie managed to make light of it whilst keeping it exciting. The Ghostbuster slot is based on the movie and so it too possesses that fun element whilst maintaining the excitement of a modern slot machine.

Part of the fun is brought to the Ghostbuster Slot by Dan Akroyd one of the actors from the movie, he is on the soundtrack sharing with the players some witty remarks. Other aspects of fun are brought by some of the comical characters from the movie, which appear as symbols on the reels.

Ghostbuster Slot
The Ghostbuster Slot though is not all about fun; it is also about serious winnings being potentially available to any player. Apart from the wins available on the regular play of the game, there are two exciting bonus rounds and these rounds, as well as being about winning, are also fun.

The first of the bonus rounds features a haunted ballroom and you are to clear the six ghosts from it. The Ghostbuster Slot recognizes that this is no easy task and so they allow you five attempts to clear them all. Don’t worry about the winnings though, regardless of whether or not you manage to clear all the ghosts from the ballroom, you will receive a win for any that you do mange to move out.

The second of the bonus rounds features an old friend, Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man. He has brought along some of his fiery marshmallow friends to this bonus round. This bonus round has 8 free spins but Stay-Puft has his friends go onto the reels between each of these spins and change some extra symbols into wilds. As these extra wilds stay in force for the whole of the bonus round, the chances of you winning on Ghostbuster Slot increase with every spin.

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