Ghostbuster Slot Features a Haunted Ballroom

Posted on February 01, 2014

ghostbuster slotsOne of the bonus rounds on this slot machine features a haunted ballroom which you have to try and clear up. It is not just this one bonus round that is haunted though, as the Ghostbuster slot is themed on the movie Ghostbusters, Ghosts and ghouls appear in every aspect of play and even some of the symbols on the reels are of different ghosts. The other symbols on the reels could be the heroes from the movie and to enhance the mood, one of the actors from the movie is on the soundtrack giving some witty commentary.

Bonus Rounds
On this slot there are two bonus rounds and the first, as mentioned, features a haunted ballroom. In this round you are to play the part of one of the ghostbuster and clear the room of any ghoulish characters. Armed with a proton pack, you have to eliminate six ghosts in all, from the ballroom. The producers of this slot machine, realizing that ghosts can be slippery characters, allow you five attempts to totally clear the room but even though the aim of the round is to completely clear the room of ghosts, you will still earn a win for each ghost that you do successfully evict, allowing your wins to slowly increase into something really worthwhile.

The second bonus round on this slot machine features a friendly character called Stay-Puft, a giant marshmallow man. He brought along to this round some of his fiery marshmallow friends, to try and assist you in getting some wins from the slot. Once you trigger this bonus round, you will be allotted 8 free spins but thanks to Stay-Puft’s friends, your chances of getting wins during these free spins are much higher than they are on regular play. Before each of the free spins takes place, some of Stay-Puft’s friends can be seen on the reels changing some of the regular symbols to wilds, which means with every spin there is an increasing amount of wild symbols on the reels, making the wins easier to find.

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