Get in the Spirit of Ghostbuster Slots

Posted on July 16, 2013

ghostbuster slotsThis is one game that certainly contains some spirits. The Ghostbuster slots are based on the movie Ghostbusters and so features some spirits in the forms of ghosts or ghouls and in order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to this the reels are filled with characters from the movie. ‘Slimer’ and the ‘old lady ghost’ are there and they are the wilds, capable of being transformed into any other symbol in order to obtain a win. Also to help you get into the spirit of this game, not only are there excellent graphics and an astounding soundtrack but also video clips from the movie are shown whilst the game is in play. The Ghostbuster slots are not all about being scary though and Dan Akroyd, an actor from the movie, supplies witty comments on a commentary to keep the comical side of the movie in the theme.

No matter what the theme of a slot machine or how exciting it may be, slot machines are also about an opportunity to win and the Ghostbuster slots certainly provide that. On regular play of the game there are 30 pay lines available and on one of the bonus rounds, this is increased to an astounding 40 pay lines, which considering there are also two wild symbols, the wins are always hauntingly close.

Bonus Rounds
Bonus rounds are always popular on modern slots and in this regard, once again the Ghostbuster slots are not disappointing, providing two excellent bonus rounds with chances to really build on your winnings.

The first of these bonus rounds involves you clearing of ghosts from a haunted ballroom. In the ballroom on the Ghostbuster slots, there are six ghostly characters that need to be evicted and it is up to you to complete the task. Excepting that you are probably a bit of a novice to the Ghostbuster business, the Ghostbuster slots allow you five attempts in which to clear the ballroom.

In the second of the bonus rounds on Ghostbuster slots, you are given 8 free spins in which to earn as many winnings as you can. To help you win as much as possible, the giant marshmallow man ‘Stay-Puft’ has brought along some of his marshmallow friends for the playing of this round. Between each of the free spins on this bonus round on the Ghostbuster slots, these marshmallows appear on the reels and change additional symbols into wilds, greatly increasing your winning potential still further.