Get Back to the True Originals and Play Ghostbuster Slot

Posted on April 11, 2013

ghostbusterAre there any truly original ideas anymore? The, er, more mature of you will understand what I mean. Sometimes when you go to the movies it seems like everything is just a variation on the same theme – The Croods is surely a revamped version of the Flintstones? And isn’t The Host similar to Twilight? As for all the Iron Man sequels, well, there’s no denying that we’re looking forward to watching them, but still, you know what I’m talking about…

It brings to mind one film that was truly original when it first came out and as you’ve probably guessed by the name of the site, I mean Ghostbusters. Who didn’t grow up with that film? (you might need to leave as that probably means you’re too young to play Ghostbuster slot anyhow!) Who didn’t shout ‘Ghost-busters!’ to the old ‘Who Ya Gonna Call’?

In homage to the classic film, IGT has brought out a fabulous slot game that is guaranteed to have all slot and film fans salivating like Slimer (only a little less green). It even has Dan Akroyd’s voice igniting all sorts of memories from the movie. And where would we be without our favourite ghouls and the weirdly threatening Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man?

Of course, it’s still a slot machine, so it’s not like you can forget about the bonuses and features either. The best thing about the Ghostbuster slot is the fact that mystery features can be triggered after every spin so there’s a chance the game could give you heaps of bonuses! There are multipliers, cash rewards, wild reels and extra wild symbols up for grabs, each represented in true ghostly fashion.

Then there’s the bonus round, which is not to be missed. The Ballroom Buster Bonus relives the infamous movie scene where the boys blow up the ballroom looking for ghosts – but you get paid for doing it. Perfect!

Lastly the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is given the royal treatment during the free spins round, which plays out on a different machine to the original. Flaming marshmallows rain down across the screen and turn symbols into locked wilds. It’s a fantastic and entertaining way to win!