Enjoy the One-Liners on this Slot

Posted on April 12, 2014

ghostbustersOn this slot machine there is a comedian telling one-liners on the sound track. The Ghostbuster slot is themed on the popular movies in which Dan Akroyd starred and he has returned to make his contribution to the game, via the soundtrack. As well as recognizing Dan’s voice, you will also recognize a lot of the characters from the movies as they are symbols on the reels. Of these characters, slimmer and the little old lady ghost are both wild symbols that can replace nearly any other symbols. Apart from being comical, this slot machine still manages to be both exciting and suspenseful.

There are four special features that can be randomly triggered after each spin. These special features include multipliers, extra wilds being added to the reels, whole reels turning wild plus cash awards. Having these special features and two wild symbols doesn’t mean that there are no bonus rounds, there are two.

The first of the bonus rounds introduces Stay-Puft, a giant marshmallow man and his friends, fiery marshmallows. The bonus round itself consists of eight free spins but between each of the spins, Stay-Puft’s friends appear on the reels to turn ordinary symbols into wilds. This if course, greatly and steadily increases the chances of you obtaining a win.

The second bonus round is known as the ballroom bonus. In this round you are shown a haunted ballroom and asked to clear it of ghouls. Your mission is, armed with your proton gun; you must rid the ballroom of the six ghostly characters that are haunting it. These characters are slippery and your task won’t be easy but the producers knew this and so allow you five attempts to successfully complete your mission. Even so though, for any ghosts that you do manage to zap, you will receive a win that will randomly be a multiplier between 2 and 5.

With this comical theme and the sometimes hilarious looking characters this is certainly a fun slot machine but there is one thing about it that is serious, and that is the wins.

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