Enjoy Some Humour on this Slot Machine

Posted on August 05, 2014

ghostbustersAs this slot machine is based on the comedy movie from the 80’s, it offers humour as well as excitement which combine to make a fully entertaining experience. The Ghostbuster slot features as symbols on its reels, many of the characters that appeared in the movie and so includes the ghostly characters as well as the heroes. It is in fact two of the ghostly characters that help you the most during regular play as Slimer and the little old lady ghost are wilds and by them being able to replace many of the other symbols, they can bring you plenty of wins.

In one of the bonus rounds there is another somewhat weird character that helps you, Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man. In this bonus round that consists of 8 free spins, Stay-Puft brought some of his fiery marshmallow friends along specifically to help you in winning. With each of these free spins your chances of winning increases because the fiery marshmallows enter the reels between spins to recruit regular symbols into becoming wilds. With the two original wilds being joined by new ones with each spin, your chances of winning also increase with each spin.

In a second bonus round on this slot machine, ghostly characters are also features but this time 6 of them are haunting a ballroom and need to be evicted. It is your turn to do the evicting and so it is time to strap on your proton pack and start zapping the ghoulish squatters. Obviously the object of the round is to evict all the ghosts doing the haunting and as this is recognized as not being an easy task, you are allowed 5 tries to succeed but even if you don’t succeed after all those attempts, all is not lost, you will still receive a win for any that you did successfully evict.

To ensure that the lighter side of this theme is maintained, Dan Akroyd, an actor from the original movie can be heard passing on some witty one line jokes on the sound track.

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