Enjoy Dan Akroyd’s Humour on this Slot

Posted on September 19, 2014

ghostbusterAs this slot machine is themed on the popular movie that featured Dan Akroyd as one of the heroes, Dan can be heard on the sound track, imparting some witty advice. The Ghostbuster slot, following its theme, is more humorous than scary and features the characters from the movie as symbols on the reels, the ghostly characters as well as the heroes. Although some of the ghostly characters appear as symbols on the reels, like slimmer and the little old lady ghosts that are wilds, you get more up close and personal with some of them during the bonus rounds.

There are 2 bonus rounds on this slot machine and the weird characters that you get up close and personal with on the first of these is, Stay Puft the giant marshmallow man and some of his fiery friends. He and his friends are there to help though and between each of the 8 free spins that you are awarded in this round, the fiery marshmallows can be seen invading the reels to recruit regular symbols into becoming wilds. This obviously means that with each of the 8 free spins, your chances of winning become higher, hopefully leading to some pretty impressive ones before the round is over.

You will meet several weird ghostly characters in the second of the bonus rounds as, in this round you have been selected to rid a ballroom of 6 ghosts that are haunting it. To evict these ghostly characters, you will have to don your proton pack and try and zap each of the ghosts with plasma. You will receive a win for each ghost you successfully evict but obviously, the object is to evict them all and so you will win more if you do. These ghosts can be tricky though and they may not be so easy to hit in the time allowed and so, recognizing this, you will be permitted a total of 5 attempts to successfully complete your mission. With 5 attempts, hopefully you will be able to win the maximum that this round has to offer.

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