Dan Akroyd Provides Commentary on these Slots

Posted on February 21, 2015

ghostbustersThe comedy actor Dan Akroyd provides a commentary as you play these slots which keep the humour going. The Ghostbuster slots are themed on the comedy movie from the 80s which became almost a folk legend. Although the movie had a title that promised horror, it was a comedy with some really weird characters and those characters are all here on the slots. The slots follow in the same humorous mode as the movie but although there are some comical moments, the wins can be very serious.

To assist you in getting the wins there are 2 wild symbols, the little old lady ghost and slimmer and both of them can replace any of the other symbols in order to make sure you get a steady flow of wins. The slots also have 2 bonus rounds and although they are very diverse in nature, they both have the potential to provide a bundle of wins.

The 2 bonus rounds are the Stay-Puft round and the haunted ballroom round. The round which you play will depend on which of the relevant symbols that you get accompanying two bonus symbols. In the Stay-Puft round you meet Stay-Puft a giant marshmallow man and some of his fiery marshmallow friends. As the round is triggered you will receive 8 free spins but during these spins, the fiery marshmallows enter the reels to change some of the regular symbols into wilds to be added to the 2 that are already there. By the time you reach the end of the 8 free spins, you will have so many wild symbols it will be difficult to not get a win. The haunted ballroom round introduces you to a ballroom that is haunted by 6 ghosts and you have to clear them from the room. For every ghost you manage to evict, you will receive a win but evicting all 6 will be a problem and so in order to try and assure that you clear the ballroom completely; you will be allowed to take 5 attempts to clear it.

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