Dan Akroyd Joins You on Ghostbuster Slots

Posted on October 04, 2013

ghostbustersDan Akroyd is a popular comedy actor who played one of the leading roles in the Ghostbusters movies in the 1980s and now he joins you on the soundtrack as you play these exciting slot machines, adding his own personal slice of comedy to ensure that your experience of the game is as enjoyable as possible. The Ghostbuster slots are based on the popular movies from the 80s which as you probably know, were all about ghostly humor, touched with an unusual brand of excitement. It are those two qualities that are also shared with you on the Ghostbuster slots, plus of course the suspense evoked by knowing that as well as enjoying the game you it could also be a profitable experience.

In fitting with the theme of the Ghostbuster slots, apart from Dan Akroyd being on the soundtrack, both the hero characters and the ghostly characters are represented as symbols on the reels and clips from the movie are shown as you venture your way through the game.

Bonus Rounds
As is normal, wins are possible on the regular playing of the slot machine but more often than not bigger wins can be obtained from special bonus rounds which most machines provide, the Ghostbuster slots though, provide two ghostly bonus rounds to try and ensure that your enjoyment is a profitable one.

The first of the bonus rounds on the Ghostbuster slots invites you to clear six ghosts from a haunted ballroom. You are offered five attempts to try and clear all the ghosts from the ballroom but regardless of as to whether you succeed in clearing all of them or not, you will be awarded a win for any that you can make disappear from the room.

In the second of the bonus rounds on Ghostbuster slots, you are introduced to Stay-Puft, a giant marshmallow. He is there with some of his fiery marshmallow friends to see that you win big from the round. You will be given 8 free spins for this round but between spins, Stay-Puft sends his friends onto the reels to continuously change regular symbols into wilds, ensuring that as you play Ghostbuster slots and get further into the round, the wins become easier and easier.

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