Dan Akroyd Hosts these Slots

Posted on May 27, 2014

ghostbustersDan Akroyd, one of the actors in the original Ghostbuster movie, features on the sound track of these slots and can be heard telling some of his great one-liners, maintaining a sense of comedy for which the movies were renowned. When you play Ghostbuster slots, which are themed on the movie, Dan is not the only thing from the movie that you will recognize as, most of the other characters, human or ghostly are also there, either as symbols on the reels or featured in the bonus rounds. Slimer and the little old lady ghost are the wild symbols and so even though they may be a little ghoulish, you will be glad to see them as often as possible. As the wilds they can replace almost any other symbols on the reels which will make it far easier or you to find winning combinations.

Apart from the many winning combinations on the reels, there are also random bonus that can be awarded and two exciting bonus rounds that can be played to also boost your winnings. The random bonuses can be awarded at any time, after a spin and can include, extra wilds, reels full of wilds, multipliers, free spins or just plain cash. The two bonus rounds can be just as beneficial and the first one is the ballroom bonus round. At the start of this round you are shown a ballroom which is said to be haunted by 5 ghosts and you have been chosen to rid the ballroom of these ghoulish characters. The round continues with you, armed with your proton pack, trying to clear the ballroom. Any ghosts you do successfully evict will earn you a win and in order to try an evict them all, you are granted five attempts. The second bonus round sees you being assisted by the friends of Stay-Puft, a giant marshmallow man. The round consists of 8 free spins and between each of these free spins, Stay-Puft’s friends, fiery marshmallows, appear on the reels to change some of the regular symbols into wilds. This means that as the round progresses, your chances of winning become greater.

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