Comedy with Ghostbuster Slots

Posted on May 20, 2013

ghostbustersIn a step that is almost unique there are a range of slots that add a little humor to the serious and exciting game of slots. The Ghostbuster slots are based on the hit movie Ghostbusters which was released in the 80’s. The movies cast of characters featured some great comical actors such as Dan Akroyd and it is Dan himself that, on a soundtrack backing up the game, relays some of the hilarious one liner’s that made the movie so popular.

The Ghostbuster slots are not only about humor though, the excitement also features strongly especially in the bonus rounds. When you play Ghostbuster slots, there are two bonus rounds that you could reach, the first of which transfers you to a ballroom that is haunted. There are a total of six ghostly ghouls in this ballroom and although you get wins for any that you are able to catch, a far bigger win can be yours if you are able to catch all of them. In order for you to try and amass some big winnings, the Ghostbuster slots allow you five attempts to meet your objective.

In the second of the Ghostbuster slots bonus rounds, you are given 8 free spins but in order for you to attain bigger winnings in this round, Stay-Puft, a giant marshmallow man along with some other marshmallows covered in flames, appear between spins transforming some of the regular symbols into wilds.

As we have said, the Ghostbuster slots are based on the movie and to get you into the feel of the movie, the symbols on the reels represent someone or something from the movie. Also during the playing of the game, video clips from the movie are being replayed on a screen. This means that the whole experience you have whilst playing the Ghostbuster slots is a complete one. You have the excitement and thrills of slot game with great opportunities of winning big, touched with a little comedy to keep you amused. It is perhaps this somewhat complete mixture that has made Ghostbuster slots the popular choice that it has become.