You Need your Proton Pack for this Slot

To evict some ghosts in one of the bonus rounds on this slot machine, you will need your proton pack full of plasma. When you play Ghostbuster slot there are two bonus rounds and in the haunted ballroom bonus round, you will need to evict 6 ghosts that are haunting the ballroom. To do this […]

Scary Wins on these Slots

These slots, despite their name, were themed on a comedy movie not a horror and so the only scare that you may get; is at how much you win when you play. The Ghostbuster slots follow the plot of the famous, hit comedy movie from the 80s and so contain a lot of humour but […]

On these Slots the Lady Ghost is Wild

There are two wild symbols on this slot, the little old lady ghost and slimmer. As well as two wild symbols, when you play Ghostbuster slots, there are also two bonus rounds and so the slot has a lot of potential to provide plenty of wins. The slots are based on the 80s comedy movie […]

This Slot Provides a Scary Experience

Do not get too concerned about being scared when you play this slot machine as, although its name may imply one thing, it is actually based on a comedy movie and so the only thing that may frighten you is the amount that you can win. When you play Ghostbuster slot, you will see that […]

Dan Akroyd Provides Commentary on these Slots

The comedy actor Dan Akroyd provides a commentary as you play these slots which keep the humour going. The Ghostbuster slots are themed on the comedy movie from the 80s which became almost a folk legend. Although the movie had a title that promised horror, it was a comedy with some really weird characters and […]

The Ghostbuster Slot has Ghostly Humour

Dan Akroyd, an actor from the movie on which this slot machine is based, can be heard on its soundtrack, ensuring the comical side of the movie is reinstated on to the slot machine. The Ghostbuster slot is certainly humorous with the weird but comical characters that appeared in the movie and on this slot, […]

Return to the 80s on these Slots

These slot machines will have you reminiscing about the 1980s as they are themed on the popular, hit comedy movie from that era. When you play Ghostbuster slots you will quickly recognize some of the characters from the movie as they appear as symbols on the reels. It isn’t just the good guys that appear […]

The Number of Wilds on this Slot Keep Increasing

In one of the bonus rounds on this slot machine, the number of wilds on the reels, keeps increasing with every spin. When you play Ghostbuster slot and reach the Stay Puft bonus round, you will see that Stay Puft the giant marshmallow man is already there and he has brought along some of his […]

Enjoy Fiery Marshmallows on these Slots

Although you don’t get to eat any on these slot machines, you will still be pleased to see some fiery marshmallows. On the Ghostbuster slots there are 2 bonus rounds and in one of these rounds, Stay Puft, the giant marshmallow man brings along some of his fiery marshmallow friends to help you. As this […]

Enjoy Dan Akroyd’s Humour on this Slot

As this slot machine is themed on the popular movie that featured Dan Akroyd as one of the heroes, Dan can be heard on the sound track, imparting some witty advice. The Ghostbuster slot, following its theme, is more humorous than scary and features the characters from the movie as symbols on the reels, the […]