Become a Ghostbuster when you Play Ghostbuster Slots

Posted on August 20, 2013

ghostbustersGhostbusters was one of the top box office hit movies in 1980’s and now some of the exciting comedy that it brought to people in the 80’s has returned in the form of slot machines. When you play Ghostbusters slots you join these intrepid ghost hunters on their daring and industries duties of ridding ghosts and ghouls from the community. Although this may sound like a bit if a scary scenario, don’t worry it is done in a very comical and enjoyable way and even when you play Ghostbuster slots, one of the actors, Dan Akroyd, is there on the soundtrack to keep things on the lighter side by cracking jokes and making comical witticisms.

Ghostbuster Slots
The Ghostbusters slots are based on the movie and so when you play Ghostbuster slots you find that the reels are full with symbols that depict the main characters from it. Also whilst you are enjoying the fun of the game, video clips from the movie are being shown. Of course once you add to that the fact that some really great and imaginative graphics have been used to bring the scenario to pictorial life, the experience is one of enjoyment and fun, just as the movie was.
They are slot machines though and so when you play Ghostbuster slots, enjoyment may not be the only thing that you can enjoy as there are ample potentials for you to come away from the game with more in your pocket than you started with. This is done via some imaginative and rewarding bonus rounds.

Bonus Rounds
There are two bonus rounds when you play Ghostbuster slots and the first requires you to clear six ghosts from a ballroom. It is agreed that you will receive rewards for any of the ghosts that you can get rid of but the task isn’t easy and so to improve your chances of success, you are allowed five tries in which to successfully complete the task.

A second bonus round consists of 8 free spins but between spins flaming marshmallows may appear on the reels turning some of the symbols into extra wilds, which will certainly help the time you spend to play Ghostbuster slots, being lucrative.

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